Technical Operation Team


Department fire Brigade and fire security

Silence, competent and assertive

The Technical Operation Team for compensation measures is a special unit of the company Hügin Group International.

As soon as heavy constructions - such as shopping centers - because of building regulations can not be opened because the fire safety installations do not work, our special unit will come into operation.

The concept was developed by us and used successfully in several projects in sizes from 20,000 m² to 70,000 m².

With this specially trained team, it is our intention to spend as little time as possible on site. Our team is formed so that the fire safety and operation
tactically measures can recognize the problems
and corresponding compensation measures can be developed and implemented in a short time so that an opening of each project is ensured. Thus, damage running into millions can be prevented.

The compensation measures will be coordinated with those involved in construction project managers. If necessary, we negotiate with the Building Control and Fire Brigade.

Our team consists of highly qualified personnel, which means a combination of fire safety experts, officers in charges and lawyers.